The Proprietors, Giuseppe and Pamela Turi


Giuseppe and Pamela Turi

Giuseppe Turi, originally from Puglia, came to London in 1982, where he joined the Athenaeum Hotel, and became the Sommelier. Having moved to the Connaught Hotel in 1985 as Sommelier, he was later promoted to Maitre D’. He then rejoined the Athenaeum in 1987 as Restaurant Manager, and left to open Enoteca Turi in 1990. During this period, Giuseppe acquired the Diploma in Wine and Spirits from the WSET, and took part in the Sommelier of the Year Competition, gaining second place in 1987.

On opening Enoteca Turi, Giuseppe immediately realised that being Italian did not automatically provide him with the knowledge of its complex food heritage, and understood that a lot of work would be needed to build the Italian restaurant he had envisaged.

Pamela Turi, a qualified teacher, with a degree in Classics from Bristol University. joined Giuseppe in 1992, at a critical stage in the restaurant’s growth. Thanks to her invaluable managerial ability, Enoteca Turi was able to focus and grow as a business. Pamela’s role involves PR, Human Resources, research and writing restaurant literature and organising events.

The Head Chef, Massimo Tagliaferri


Massimo Tagliaferri

Massimo is an accomplished chef who has been trained in some great kitchens, whilst working in some of the finest establishments in London and abroad.

After graduating from Catering School in 1998 in Casago, near Lake Como, he worked for 3 years in Promessi Sposi Restaurant, an excellent local restaurant, specialising in fish dishes and local cuisine. He moved to Gstaad in Switzerland, where he worked at the Rialto Restaurant and Grand Park Hotel (5*).

In 1994, Massimo joined Harry’s Bar under Alberico Penati, where he first saw the potential of Italian regional cuisine and the challenge of reproducing these dishes in a restaurant environment. His career has included employment at the Dorchester (1997) and Grosvenor House (1999), after which he joined Claridges (2001) to open Gordon Ramsay’s first Hotel Restaurant, and stayed there for 2 years. Since then, he has been consultant in a number of places, including Floriana, Sartoria and Drones among others. Massimo worked at Enoteca Turi in Putney from 2009-2012, and together with Giuseppe created dishes which have been favourites over the years.

Massimo shares Giuseppe’s passion for regional Italian cuisine, and loves the challenge of reworking dishes that are unique to the culinary heritage of each region for a fine dining experience.

In Massimo’s words:
“I enjoy the changes that seasonal menus bring and the wide variety of ingredients available; this stimulates me to research the regions I am less familiar with, in order to recreate and sometimes reinterpret a local culinary traditional dish. I believe that with Giuseppe’s strong southern Italian influence, we are ideally suited to working together to create wonderfully authentic Italian dishes, representing the many diverse regions of Italy.”

Restaurant Manager Cesare Papagna


Cesare Papagna

Cesare has had over 20 years in the hospitality sector, having worked both in Italy and in the UK.

In his career, he has had wide managerial experience in establishments such as Cipriani Restaurant, Francos Restaurant and Novikov in Mayfair. As well as his strong work ethic, and pride in achieving results, he shows particular ability in motivating staff to perform to their maximum potential, and enjoys building lasting professional guest relationships.

At Enoteca Turi, Cesare has been entrusted with the task of pushing forward the vision of excellent customer service to an even higher level. He has found the right environment to use his knowledge of the industry and undoubted communication skills. He shares Giuseppe’s vision of excellence and since he started in March2015, has thrown himself into the challenge of getting to know our regular diners, and helping to make their experience a memorable one.

In Cesare’s words:
“As time unfolds, so do guest expectations and the desire to have a genuine experience. I enjoy hosting our guests at Enoteca Turi, ensuring that they experience conviviality in the truest sense of the word. Local neighbourhood restaurants are “hidden gems” playing an important part in their communities, They bring individuality and at the same time maintain integrity in an industry that is increasingly producing food to a formula.”

Assistant Manager and Head Sommelier, Manuel Sorana


Manuel Sorana

Manuel has brought 10 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, including posts at acclaimed four and five star hotels in Italy and a passion for fine Italian wines to Enoteca Turi.  During his career, he has achieved a number of accredited wine qualifications, including the coveted WSET Diploma in Wine.

His dedication to customer service “always going the extra mile” and his depth of wine knowledge equip him not only to recommend wines from the restaurant’s extensive wine list to complement each dish on the menu but also to provide a true Enoteca Turi experience for every guest.

In Manuel’s words:
“I get enormous pleasure overseeing Giuseppe’s amazing wine cellar built up over many years, with older vintages perfect for drinking now. As well as the well-known Italian and international grape varieties of iconic wines, it also has many newly resurrected varieties such as Pigato, Timorasso, Tintilia, Vespaiolo, Vitovska waiting to be discovered”

Opening Times

Monday - Thursday,   Lunch 12.00 - 14.30,   Dinner 18.30 - 22.30
Friday & Saturday,   Lunch 12.00 - 14.30,   Dinner 18.30 - 23.00