Food and Wine Events

The restaurant holds regular regional food and wine events, where we explore the food and wine from one of the regions of Italy, and explain the background and history of the region.

Enoteca Turi events

There are three main routes down which the present Italian food heritage has come; Celts in the north, Etruscans in central Italy and Greeks in the south. This is borne in mind, when researching the history of each region, in order to find the true origin of the tastes and how these have evolved until the present day. Any historical event, which has a bearing on the way of life of a people, will influence their diet and how they eat, eg Arab and Spanish domination in the south, the isolation of some regions such as Puglia and Basilicata, Venetian trade with the East, and Austrian rule in the north. This research culminates in these events, which are enjoyed in equal measure by customers and staff alike.

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