Lunch a la carte


Warm marinated olives with citrus zest and fennel seed, sourdough bread V/* 6.00

Scrippelle M’busse soup – pancakes filled with parmesan and butter in a rich meat stock (Abruzzo) V/* 8.50

Warm salad of girolle mushrooms, organic poached egg, parmesan crisp (Lazio) V/* 9.50/14.00

Buffalo mozzarella, roasted pepper and tomato, basil, toasted sourdough croutons (Puglia) V 8.50/12.50

Warm salad of flaked salted cod, potato, cipollotto, tomato, samphire, olives and basil (Liguria) * 12.50/18.50

Risotto with girolle mushrooms (Toscana) V/* 115 12.00/16.00

Spaghetti with clams (Campania) 13.00/18.00

Orecchiette, rose veal and aubergine meatballs, organic tomato passata, pecorino cheese (Puglia) 12.00/16.00

Calves liver alla Veneziana with girolle and potato mash (Veneto) * 18.00


Parmesan “from the valley, hills, mountain” selected and aged by Spigaroli, with walnut and celery (Emilia Romagna) V / * 16.00

Broad bean puree, roasted peppers, grilled courgettes and aubergines, homemade pickles (Puglia) V / * 12.50

Apulian burrata, black figs, toasted almonds, red chicory drizzled with olive oil and balsamic (Puglia) V / * 15.50

Seared lamb’s kidneys wrapped in pancetta with mint and pecorino, herb salad (Abruzzo) * 13.50

Marinaded mackerel with black pepper and orange, cucumber, tomato, apple and spring onion salad (Sicilia) * 13.50

Seared scallops, fresh borlotti, red onion and chicory salad (Veneto) * 19.50

Thinly sliced roasted rose veal with tuna salsa, green bean and potato salad, caper leaves (Piemonte) * 15.50

Prosciutto di Parma Corte Pallavicina – Parma ham with melon (Emilia Romagna) * 24.00

Cured meats Corte Pallavicina – prosciutto di Parma, capocollo, black pig pancetta, black pig Salame antico, homemade rye toast and pickles (Emilia Romagna) 24.00



Risotto with summer truffle and stracchino cheese (Lombardia) (V) / * 19.50

Aubergine ravioli, fiaschetto tomato sauce, basil and ricotta salata (Sicilia) V 17.50

Homemade trenette (eggless fresh pasta) with pesto, samphire and smoked haddock (Liguria) (V) 16.50

Pasta parcels of organic chicken and beef, butter, sage and parmesan sauce (Lombardia) 17.50 (£6 truff supp)

Pappardelle with “Senatore Cappelli” semolina, Pekin duck ragout (Toscana) 17.50

Linguine with fresh Cornish lobster, datterini tomato, garlic and chilli (Campania) 26.50


Fillet of monkfish with borlotti beans and girolle mushrooms (Veneto) * 27.50

Roast turbot (on the bone) with tomato and olives, potato roasted with pecorino and thyme (Puglia) * 34.50

Roast and braised rabbit with carrot, onion, celery, olives, capers, pine nuts and tomato (Sicilia) * 24.50

Calves liver with butter and sage, apple puree, Tropea cipollotti and caraway seeds (Trentino) * 24.50

Braised organic salt marsh lamb “brodettato” with egg, lemon and parmesan spring vegetables, deep-fried courgette flower (Abruzzo) 27.50

Pan-fried English rose veal sirloin, roasted peppers, tomato and anchovy (Piemonte) * 33.50


Wilted spinach / Green beans / Sauteed potato 5.50 / Deep-fried courgette 6.00
Salads: Green / Mixed / Tomato / Rocket 5.00 / Rocket and parmesan 6.00

V Vegetarian * Non-gluten containing ingredients Please advise us of any allergies


Opening Times

Monday - Thursday,   Lunch 12.00 - 14.30,   Dinner 18.30 - 22.30
Friday & Saturday,   Lunch 12.00 - 14.30,   Dinner 18.30 - 23.00